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DUPA was born in 2020

As part of ReVas NV, Dupa Paints was founded on the initiative of the director Hariepersad Soekhlal. DUPA Duisburg Paints is a Surinamese paint manufacturer that guarantees professional paints and accessories. A high quality comprehensive paint label, developed and produced in Suriname. What started with a very matt, ecological, and scrub-resistant wall paint has now become a complete range of high-quality and durable lacquers, primers, and various specials. 


DUPA helps you make your home more beautiful. With durable paint but above all, with a lot of passion and personal advice.


We handle that which is valuable with care, like the relationship with our employees, distribution partners and customers. We come up with solutions that genuinely contribute to a better balance between people, planet and profit.


We love what we do and we do what we love

I am Reshmi Soekhlal and I am also part of Team DUPA. Together we develop premium quality paint in Suriname with a great price-quality ratio. My love for technology was present early on. My father is a contractor and he always talked about construction. After graduating Technical Public Administration at TU Delft, I entered the profession almost immediately. I started as a Jr. Projectmanager at a construction company in Twente. During this period, my father told me about his dream. His own paint business. Since then, it has gone rapidly.  


I am proud of my team and what they have achieved in a short time. If you are wondering what I do in the company? A bit of everything, from marketing to project management. It’s a small and cozy family business full of love and passion. We love what we do and we do what we love.

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